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The End of the Year Review, Part Two

November 15, 2010

This has been an interesting year: In his second year, The American People have declared that they don’t like Obama or his Democratic Party. And now the Republicans say that all they’ll do for the remaining two years is keep Obama from being re-elected. Oh, and to hell with the unemployed Americans, they’re just collateral damage. Those folks lost their jobs due to and in most cases, under the Republican President Bush.

We also found out some new things this past year. We learned that money can be dumped into political platforms, legislation and politicians in other states to further out of state agendas. Yes, Kohk brothers, I’m talking about you. We learned that a Corporation (pick one, any one…) can act as a private citizen, and throw millions behind any legislation or candidate which will support or can be coerced to do their bidding. Never mind that few voters have millions to do this. Way to go, SCOTUS!

The one question I don’t see anyone asking is how Big Business can do so very well (having completely recovered their previous stock market levels) and yet so few people have been rehired. I’m beginning to think that Bush’s parting shot was to eliminate “inconvenient” workers, who no longer fit the corporate vision, without a thought as to what those folks will do now. I suppose if the Corporations and Big Business wait long enough, those “surplus” workers will just fade away? A whole generation of lost potential, from workers and more importantly, their children, who will not see their potential as citizens, will be less educated, and less able to contribute to our Great Society. And that’s just the way the Corporations want it.

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