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Recycling Spam

August 14, 2006

Spam — the gift that keeps on annoying.

It’s something everyone seems to get, more or less, no matter how good the spamfilter. It can eat your time, your patience and your sanity. But it still keeps on coming! I say, if you can’t beat it, then use it.

The next time you’ve got a moment or two, or feel you can get away with a little goofing off, why don’t you try some Spam poetry

The rules are simple — you may only use the subject line, as is, lines arranged in any order to form as intriquing a composition as you can muster from what you’re given. Oh, and you must promise not to forward any of your spam to me! Poetry, yes, source material, NO!

Ahem.  My first attempt, titled

“Imposition, 8-10”

Hi, pearl-besprinkled
How much does your image cost?
Survey, discount meds
Your Montana grayling
Your parula blue.

What do you think, should I quit my day job?

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  1. August 14, 2006 7:55 pm

    Um… you don’t have a day job, remember? ;)

    But even if you did, I’d have to say … huh?

    I’m getting shitloads of that idiotic spam ‘poetry’ on my biz email every day – have long since given up hoping it might be an order.

    It’s a rather new experience for me. How long has this being going on?

  2. August 15, 2006 12:56 am

    The “poetry” aspect kicked in when spam filter programs got good enough to detect a commercial come-on from 50 pixels away. ;-)

    Now the subject lines use misspellings, proper names, nonsense sentences and (no subject), all to get around the filters. And so more of it has been getting past them, enough to flood our mailboxes again. I figured, spam poetry at least will amuse, before taking the time to hit the delete key!

    I have one technique I’ll share that seems to help *a little* against the rising tide…

    I hit the “report spam” button or it’s equivalent on whatever mail server I’m using. If I don’t have one of those available, I will forward a few of them to “abuse@ (your email provider here)”. Email providers have to give some way to report abusive emails, and I figure that spam is abuse.

    Increasingly, though, email providers have been referring to “spam” as “an important message from our sponsors…”


  3. October 31, 2006 12:11 pm

    Only 4 blocked spam comments here? I’ve had 772 so far (also a few that got through the filter). :?

    And speaking of spam, could you please de-spam the comment I made on the ‘Here’s the thing’ post a few days ago? :)

  4. November 1, 2006 5:21 am

    Well, that’s because at least *someone*, even if they’re spammers, are reading *your* blog!

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