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Old biddy

August 16, 2013

old trainersI was waiting for a bus on Sunset Blvd, in Hollywood, when a homeless guy called me an “old biddy” along with less polite/incomprehensible stuff — I’m thinking it was the outdated trainers…or maybe the little shopping cart. LOL

Reproduction Redoux

May 28, 2012

It turns out I’ll have to get a copier/printer/scanner after all. I spent the last week chasing all over town after documents, and a place to copy them, to make the deadline for an aid application. Who knew this would amount to so many hours dashing around?

Also, it seems I can’t find anyone who will hire me in my “as-is” condition, I’m going to give marketing myself another go. I’m thinking Kindle singles or short stories…along with *everyone* else on the ‘net. Just no stopping the fun!

Getting Marginalized, one day at a time

March 3, 2012

Crazy as it sounds, there can be peace in having less. It narrows your focus, and gives you less to worry about. Keeping up with the Joneses? No problem, when you don’t even have the option of keeping up with their cat.

I spent part of my time yesterday closing a Money Market savings account, and converting to a “regular” savings account, to avoid having to pay $10/month for the privilege of getting exactly the same amount of interest paid on the balance. Win for me, no problem and efficiently done by my Credit Union.

One less of my few worries, sorted. Yay, me!

What’s your latest “lightening up” activity, and how did it make you feel?


November 29, 2011

Why is it that behaviour that pissed us off in high school is something we emulate as adults?

Case in point: those kids who were *so* not in the In-Crowd — nerds, geeks, freaks — are the quickest to imitate the “cliques” they were excluded from. Only the out crowd names get changed. From “geek”, “freak” and “nerd” to “mundane”, “suits” and “normals”. [And now “muggles”]

Don’t know why, but it seems like a good idea

July 13, 2011

So, thanks to a friend, I’m over at Google +, testing the waters. Just that I can control who sees what is a plus over Facebook…I’m so tired of having folks I didn’t talk to about my politics/religion/whatever coming back at me, when there was a reason I hadn’t brought it up with them! Got some good features, and I’m hoping it’s going to be great, once more join the party.

Do you think it’s a good idea that Google+ takes on Facebook?

New member of the family…

December 13, 2010

My oldest nephew and his wife just had a baby boy, named Jayden…this makes *three* Jaydens I know of now, among family and friends. Must be a very popular name, but I wonder what the nicknames will be. “Jay” is the only one that occurs to me, but I can’t see my new great nephew being called that, though, as his half-brother is named Jayce. Families — what a wonder.

I think of him as my internet nephew — I reconnected with my nephew Rob and met his wife Noelle on Facebook, after nagging my brother to get a Facebook account. Through that, I also got to see my niece’s daughter for the first time, for all she’s 18 now.

All I need to do now is get my WoW-obsessed sister to get on Facebook, so I can see *her* kids.

Hi ho, Hi ho, it’s off to work I go…

December 8, 2010

in a couple of months anyway. I’ve just gulped and plunked down the cash for a new computer. It’s a Toshiba Satellite (thanks, Shawn, for the reccy!) and fully capable of the tasks to be put to it. Now, after three days, I’m starting to look at what else the new beast will need…full MS Office, Photoshop…?

I already know what other hardware I’ll need, and I’m hoping to get most of it secondhand (to be replaced as I start to earn some dosh). Light table, at least one external hard drive and possibly two, a printer/copier, a scanner…lots of stuff for a biz I think will be useful and attractive to people — archiving family histories from photos and documents. More later as I hash it all out. Wish me luck!

The End of the Year Review, Part Two

November 15, 2010

This has been an interesting year: In his second year, The American People have declared that they don’t like Obama or his Democratic Party. And now the Republicans say that all they’ll do for the remaining two years is keep Obama from being re-elected. Oh, and to hell with the unemployed Americans, they’re just collateral damage. Those folks lost their jobs due to and in most cases, under the Republican President Bush.

We also found out some new things this past year. We learned that money can be dumped into political platforms, legislation and politicians in other states to further out of state agendas. Yes, Kohk brothers, I’m talking about you. We learned that a Corporation (pick one, any one…) can act as a private citizen, and throw millions behind any legislation or candidate which will support or can be coerced to do their bidding. Never mind that few voters have millions to do this. Way to go, SCOTUS!

The one question I don’t see anyone asking is how Big Business can do so very well (having completely recovered their previous stock market levels) and yet so few people have been rehired. I’m beginning to think that Bush’s parting shot was to eliminate “inconvenient” workers, who no longer fit the corporate vision, without a thought as to what those folks will do now. I suppose if the Corporations and Big Business wait long enough, those “surplus” workers will just fade away? A whole generation of lost potential, from workers and more importantly, their children, who will not see their potential as citizens, will be less educated, and less able to contribute to our Great Society. And that’s just the way the Corporations want it.

The End of the Year Review, Part One

December 24, 2009

2009 is on the way out. It’s been a year of firsts, and hopefully, some lasts, and no one seems to be sad to see it go.

We have had almost a year with our first African American president (born in HAWAII!), Barack Obama, who has disappointed in some ways, and has offered the change he campaigned on in others. He has persevered with a couple of his promises: Health care reform is almost done, and he has been pushing educational reform. Some of the stepbacks are due to the recession he was handed. [Hello! That mess started at least a year before Obama was sworn in and was made a bigger mess by all of Bush’s bailouts for Wall Street before he left office. Look at a calendar!]

Obama seems to be serious about closing Guantanamo. He has turned out to be not-so-much-change in the overseas military situation, however. He recently signed off on another “troop surge”, although to his credit he fought it as long as he could. Obama is still seeking an exit strategy, and a cut off date for when the troops will come home at last. When it happens is another thing.

My biggest disappointment is Obama’s declining funding for NASA, which will leave us behind and probably unable to catch up with the Chinese, the ESA and the other space faring nations. Private enterprise, this is the time to break out of your supposed NASA “yoke” and go for it. Are you listening??

The hopefully-to-be-lasts: Extreme lack of cooperation on the political front! Congress can only get worse if we have a shooting on the floor of the House or the Senate. And please don’t tell me who you would want shot, I’ve got a list of my own. The flagrant misrepresentation of fact has got to go, too. The FCC should start fining the most egregious lies, if they’re broadcast. In print, not so much, as “middle America” seems to get all the news they want or “need” from TV/cable.

Three years to go, and we’ll just have to see far along we get.

It’s a New Day

January 20, 2009

Well, we have him — the new President that so many have pinned their hopes on. One who has bravely promised Change, and I believe will honestly try to accomplish it.

Obama will be the most scrutinized President in our history, and his path will be crowded with those who would slander and libel him, just to make it seem that Bush was competent after all, and not the abject failure he proved to be.

I hope the voters remember how bad Bush was for the economy, for diplomacy and for the rights we had enjoyed, when 2010-2012 rolls around. Obama has a *lot* to do and his progress will seem like it was too slow — no matter how much he eventually does.

The attempts to “modify” Bush’s track record have already started — one well-known pundit has already said “Poor George Bush, he inherited a recesiion and 9-11…”  Uh, sworn in on January 20, 2001, while 9-11 was, well, on September 11, 2001. Doesn’t September 2001 come *after* January 2001? I certainly thought so.

As for the inherited “recession”: — when you have a $140+ billion surplus, it’s called a recession now? I see, kinda like “redundancy is the new career path”.

Yeah. Like that.